for The Willows Historic Palm Springs Inn

  • All room rates at the Willows Historic Palm Springs Inn reflect single or double occupancy only and are subject to applicable taxes. Rates and all Willows Historic Palm Springs Inn policies may change without notice.
  • Refund policy: Confirmed reservations require payment in advance. Payment is completely refundable if cancellation is made more than 21 days prior to scheduled arrival. A 50 percent cancellation fee will apply thereafter. All refunds on credit card payments will be provided as a credit to the credit card used at the time of payment.
  • Check in time is 4–7 p.m. (Should you need a later check-in time, please speak with an innkeeper to make arrangements.) Check out time is 12 noon.
  • The Willows is open October 1st through May 31st.
  • The Willows and surrounding grounds are completely smoke-free.
  • Pets are not permitted.
  • Limited handicap accessibility is available. Please speak with an innkeeper to discuss your specific needs.
  • To ensure the greatest privacy, the house and grounds are open only to guests.
  • The Willows and O’Donnell House are available for weddings, corporate retreats, family gatherings and other events. Get more information on our wedding and event facilities.
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